Don't Fall Too Quickly

by Jefferson


In our world today, dating has been fast paced to most people. They even set up relationships with people they just met and even have their own sugar baby NZ that they spend their dating life with. However, there are no general rules for dating. What applies to one couple might not work with the other. What could be encouraging to a single person might be discouraging to another. What more can the rules be on effect with the people who are opposite sex? Yes, we cannot have the same set of rules for both guys and girls.


You might think that you have been starting a romantic relationship with a person but that person does not know that you have a deal with each other. As a result, you might end up hurt and frustrated because of the time and effort you had spent with that person. What may come as a romantic signal to another might not be a good call for the other. You might start with asking phone numbers from each other and eventually exchange sweet thought from each other. But you have to be careful because text messages does not show the true feelings you have for each other. The sad part is, you might be left hanging at the end. That would be too disappointing. Emotions differ from both parties. Girls are more likely to develop romantic feelings easily and she might fall for that without you even taking an inch deep with that romantic mutual understanding. 


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