Getting Out of The Box

by Jefferson

One of the rules that portrait photographers Auckland often use is the Rule of The Thirds. They often strictly follow this rule to take pictures that were balanced well and could come off naturally after developing the picture. This is really true. However, a little experimenting won't hurt your photo. Try going out beyond the rule and you can see a difference. Not an ugly difference, but a new way to look at things. You can either put your subject at the very center and the image would still look great. You can also put the subject at the farthest side and still take an amazing photo. This might sound very tricky but the results are often surprising. Another surprise that you can incorporate into your photo is being creative with your lighting. There are endless possibilities of using lights to your image. It can either change your mood or even creating shadows that could add drama to your pictures. With the right techniques of using light, it can add power to the message you are trying to tell your audience. Another way is to create an image that is not that common. Take a picture of a pose that can add to the life of the picture. Choose something that could help your picture stand out from the rest of the photos. Create a thing that can make your picture special and is unique that usually catch the attention of the people around you. 

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