Never settle for less.

by Jefferson

When your is about to fail, is it reasonable to just give up? No. failure is not yet enough reason for you to let go of your dreams, to forget all the hard works you made. To not look back on the happiness you had when you first start this business. To give up on this dreams of yours. There is no more hurtful feeling than accepting your failure and live on regrets. So before it will really fail, do something about it. It is not just a matter of giving up, but a matter of perseverance to try harder and continue your paths.

In SEO you don’t just settle for less, do more! And more does not mean giving up, but instead, rise up and prove everyone it is worth the lesson. Meditating on the things that affect why your ranking is too low, can help you to strive harder and make it as an experience you will avoid in the future. Digging deeper to the things that might help you is the best thing to do! Do more research, make more relatable keywords that surely can attract your viewers. And lastly, do things that can captivate their hearts.

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