4 Ways SEO Has Changed The Digital Marketing Landscape

by Jefferson

Over the past few decades, SEO has revolutionized the way the world does digital marketing, and www.premiumseoauckland.co.nz has helped bring digital marketing to the forefront of the digital marketing landscape. 

According to experts, digital marketing is a necessity for all online businesses, regardless of their size or specialty. While organic searches have been popular for many years, in 2017, the number of organic searches dropped significantly. The number of people performing organic searches on personal computers fell, and more people are performing searches on mobile devices. With this changing demographic, many changes have taken place. 

Higher Visibility
Adding SEO keywords to online and digital content has enabled millions of businesses to expand their reach. SEO has changed digital marketing, so businesses and individuals can get maximum exposure and more page views than they would have prior to the advent of SEO. By having multiple variations of keywords, pages are more likely to reach the top of search engine results and yield more page views, thus improving worldwide visibility. 

Writing Content
The advent of SEO has changed the way we write content. Rather than just writing straight content, businesses must put more effort into keyword optimizing their content, to make sure it gets maximum exposure.

Changing Search Terms
In the days before SEO, it was not uncommon to type specific keyword searches into search engines; these search terms were narrow and today would not yield any search results. Today, we use basic search terms like, “best SEO keywords” to give search engines a broader range of pages to access. This has changed the way businesses create content and has made it easier to digitally market products and services. Digital marketing is no longer highly focused, but has a broader reach, resulting in higher profits. 

Lower Costs
In the past, advertising was expensive. Businesses had to pay to market their products, and often lost money. The use of SEO today has changed digital marketing in the sense that businesses no longer must spend a small fortune on online marketing, because they can do keyword optimization themselves.

Marketing products and serves with SEO has made life easier for people all over the world, taking ecommerce to a global audience, instead of just a national one.

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